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Good Practice: International Quality Healthcare

Your success is directly related to our skills and abilities. Your skills and abilities are not only important for acquiring new customers, but equally important, for improving and maintaining strong retention levels with the customers, so they consistently buy from you. Your skills and abilities will also enable to attract, recruit, and help develop a happy, productive, and duplicating organization. Direct Sales is a game to play.

Knowing all about your products and services is not enough to survive in today's market. It is also important to know the best closes and how to overcome the most common objections. You need to stay on the cutting edge with the 'best practices" that work in your local market. The easiest way you can know this is through a collaborative communicating effort with your peers.

YOU MUST SPEAK TO OTHER PEOPLE EVERYDAY There are different thoughts on how many people you should to talk per day. All the top leaders I have ever come across say a minimum of 10, but most have talked to at least 30+.

Change your mind set. Train yourself to think like a businessperson and to be always on the lookout for business opportunities. Remind yourself often that you are a Businessperson first, consumer second.

Develop and empower your downline. If you do a good job with your downline, you do not have to do so much work yourself, and you ‘buy back’ your time. Invest your time in making them successful and so will you.

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